Is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

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Is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

Opinion outpost is definitely not a scam. Opinion outpost is completely legitimate company and is 100% FREE to join.

Opinion outpost pays it’s members to participate in online paid surveys. Anyone 18+ can join opinionoutpost survey panel and get paid for sharing his/her opinions.

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How to Spot a Paid Survey Scam?

It is unfortunate, yet true that there are many scams on the internet. One area that is proliferated with scams is the Paid Survey programs and Get Paid To (GPT) programs. Although there are dozens and dozens of legitimate paid survey and GPT programs, there are also programs that prey on people who are desperately seeking money making opportunities online.

Here are a few red flags that a Paid Survey Company or Get Paid To site is a scam:

1. Requires Payment to Join a Paid Survey or GPT Site:

A person seeking income through filling out paid surveys or reviewing free offers should never PAY for a membership to a site promising a list of “recommended” free paid survey sites or get paid to sites.

There are dozens of quality websites that list this exact information free. Many of these Free Paid Survey information sites simply list the free paid surveys that the authors have had good experience with, plus tips on how to make money with free paid survey and GPT sites.

Other sites are actual membership sites that you can join free, and immediately begin earning money by completing simple surveys and free offers. In addition, if you join just (1) legitimate free paid survey site or GPT site, you will be given ample opportunity to join many more – and get paid to join the sites, with even some of them giving you an additional signup bonus like $3. 00 to $5. 00 upon confirmation.

2. Requires Payment for a List or Database of Free Paid Surveys:

Never pay for a list or a database of “top” Free Paid Surveys or GPT sites, even if the list offers 300 or even 500 programs. As previously stated, there are numerous websites offering this exact information free. Some of these “membership” sites also promise to reveal the “secrets” of earning more money with these programs. Again, this information is readily available online free.

3. Outrageous Income Claims:

Many of these Paid Survey scam sites promise outrageous income in the paid survey / GPT arena. You will see advertisements about how to make $250 per completed surveys, or $150 an hour filling out free offers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make that great of an income simply filling our surveys or reviewing free offers? Although you can make extra money using these programs, the amount you make is much lower than $250 per completed survey! Usually, legitimate free paid surveys offer an average of $1. 00 to $3. 00 per survey.

There are a few consumer survey companies that will pay you $25 to $75 per completed survey, yet these companies only request higher paid surveys to be completed 2 or 3 times a year. In addition, you must qualify for these surveys based on your background, age, location, etc.

4. Get Paid To Program Only Lists Trial Offers for Payment:

If you join a Get Paid To Program that ONLY lists free trials offers where you must join a membership or buy a product to get paid, it is recommended you cancel your membership with them. Although you may receive payment from the GPT program, what they may NOT tell you is most of the free trial offers have hidden fees and recurring billing.

It is recommended you spend your time with Free Paid Survey and GPT programs that list an abundance of free offers. These types of offers are usually easy to complete and the payments can add up fast.

In conclusion, You CAN earn an extra income online with Free Paid Surveys and GPT programs, yet the main point of this article is to alert you to the Paid Survey Scams requiring payment for information that is readily available online for free. Do not fall for their exaggerated promises. If they require payment, go elsewhere.

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