Opinion Outpost Review and Sign Up Links – Is Opinion Outpost Legit and Safe?

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Opinion Outpost Review and Sign Up Links

Opinion Outpost at a Glance

  • Minimum Age to Join: 18
  • Eligible Countries: United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain
  • Signup Bonus: None
  • Points System: 10 Opinion Points = $1
  • Payments: Cash via PayPal, Amazon and iTunes Gift Cards
  • Cash out threshold: 100 opinion points ($10 / £5 for PayPal), 50 opinion points for 5$ Amazon gift card.
  • Referral Program: $1 after your referral complete his/her first survey
  • Opinion Outpost Sign Up Link: Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost Survey panel. It is FREE. (Disclosure – affiliate link)

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion outpost is market research company that offers market research services and conducts paid online surveys for leading companies. Opinion outpost invites it’s members to participate in paid online surveys. Opinion outpost is legit and safe and offers free membership.

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It helps the consumers to voice their opinion about the products and services they use and in turn helps companies to improve their products and services using market research. To encourage the members to participate in online surveys, opinion outpost pays cash rewards to it’s members.

Apart from US, Opinion Outpost has survey panels in following countries:

  1. Opinion Outpost UKClick here to join Opinion Outpost UK Survey panel
  2. Opinion Outpost CanadaClick here to join Opinion Outpost Canada Survey panel
  3. OpinionOutpost Germany
  4. OpinionOutpost Spain
  5. OpinionOutpost Italy

Is Opinion Outpost Safe and Legit Survey Panel?

Opinion outpost survey panel is 100% legitimate and safe to join. Opinion outpost is free to join and you have to pay nothing to become a member. opinion outpost review I am a member of opinion outpost since 2008, and have always been paid on time.

I usually receive 2-3 survey invitations per day. Usually the surveys take 10-20 minutes to complete and depend on the cash rewards.

Most of the surveys pay $2-$5 but occasionally I have also received higher paying ($20-$30) surveys as well. Usually, these are lengthy, specialized surveys and take longer time to complete.

OpinionOutpost Survey Panel Eligibility Criteria: (What is the minimum age for opinion outpost and who can join it?)

The minimum age for opinion outpost is 18 years. Opinion outpost survey panel is available for USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Canadian residents. You must be 18+ year old to join opinion outpost survey panel. It is open for males and females.

How to Join Opinion Outpost Survey Panel and Get Paid for Sharing Your Opinions?

You can join opinion outpost in 3 steps and start making extra money online. Follow below steps to join opinion outpost survey panel:

  • Step 1. Click This Link to Join Opinion Outpost.
  • Step 2. Go check your email id and click on the confirmation link sent to your email id. This step is must else you will not receive any survey invitation.
  • Step 3. Complete your profile and answer any available survey to start with.

If you are an existing member of opinionoutpost.com, you can login using this opinion outpost login link.

Is Opinion Outpost Legit and Safe?

Yes, this is completely legit market research company and have paid over millions to it’s members for answering their surveys.

Opinion Outpost – How to Get More Surveys?

In order to get more surveys from opinion outpost survey panel follow below steps:

  1. Complete your demographic profile.
  2. Answer surveys on time. This will increase your likelihood to qualify for the survey.
  3. Try to answer all surveys. This will insure that you are a reliable respondent and hence opinionoutpost.com will send you more surveys.

OpinionOutpost Site Design:

Watch this video for a detailed opinion outpost review and find out more.

The design of the website is very simple and attractive. It is not overloaded or crowded by the content like other website. It provides information that is required by the customer at that stage of the activity. A clears analysis of the website reveals that a very organized approach has been used while developing the website.

The main theme of the approach is to make the website simple and attractive. For that purpose the website can be divided into few portions. In the first portion the information that is required only by the new consumer is provided and moving to the second stage information required by the current users is mad available. In the third stage information required to ensure the privacy and credit transfer is provided.

That helps the consumer to move step by step as he enters the website. Language used in the website is very simple and understandable. With the simplicity of language it is made clears that the required message is being communicate to the consumer effectively.

OpinionOutpost ‘s Privacy Policy

Every consumer demands to keep the information provided by him private and not to be disclosed in the public in order to secure his personal and professional life. Opinion outpost ensures the privacy of the consumer by keeping the consumer anonymous in their research surveys.

These consumer opinions are not processed with the name of the customers, the demographics (age, gender, income etc) are important to the surveys companies rather the name of the consumers.

To provide with better experience to the customers opinion outpost has developed the website considering consumer preferences about the websites. Consumer wants to have a simple and attractive, with very simple navigation system so that they do not get stuck in the website. With that the content of the website has to be informative.

Opinion outpost provides all the information required for new consumers. To further enhance the experience of the consumers opinion outpost guarantees safe credit transfers. Opinion Outpost uses a reward system to pay its consumers which makes it possible for the consumer to justify their earnings.

Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost Survey Panel

Opinion Outpost Payment Methods: Opinion outpost pays have a wide range of payment options including Amazon, iTunes gift certificates and PayPal cash.

Pro tip: Redeem your survey rewards as soon as possible once you reach the minimum payout. Opt for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards that you can use later.

Conclusion – Should You Join OpinionOutpost Survey panel?

Opinion outpost is a legitimate survey company and I highly recommend it to join anyone looking for a legit survey site. It is 100% free to join. Click below link and join opinionoutpost today.

is opinion outpost legit and safe

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